Response Paper To – Coursework Example

English 2 Decenber Mythmaker; Tatunca Nara Tatunca Nara appears to be a very good mythmaker with a superior story telling power. Moreover the way he was able to convince a lot of people about this myth is reflective of the fact that his way with words was not only convincing but maybe had some authenticity to it as well. However when facts about Tatunca Nara’s history and background are taken in to account it is observed that he appears more like fiction story teller rather than some man who has credibility to his story. One of the major reasons for this is that it is stated in the history that the first expedition for the search of Akokar was set on 25 September’1972 since then it is observed that not a single person other than Karl Brugger who is believed was murdered because may be he had gained some relevant information was ever able to make a pertinent discovery. So as one delves deeper in to the logistics it is observed that this myth appears to be more like a farce that holds no relevance.
The only reason that can justify Tatunca Nara’s actions of coming forth and claiming his story to be true is that he himself believed in his story. However this is not reason enough to explain his actions so it is inexplicable to decipher his actions. Moreover the fact that in 2003 he claimed himself to be mentally unstable adds another dimension to the irrelevance of his claim.
Another reason that his story does not hold credibility and has a fair chance of being a fabrication is that there are some loop holes that diminish its relevance. The most important of which is that three of the people who went on this expedition did not turn up alive. However every time Tatunca Nara was the guide and was the only individual who came back alive and claimed to have lost his companion. This fact raises a lot of questions about not only the truth but also about Tatunca Nara himself and proves that his story was not true.
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