Retail Internationalisation Is Much More Than The Opening Of Stores Abroad. Provide A Critical – Coursework Example

Retail internalization Retail internalization more than opening stores abroad and this includes factors such as synchrony of cultural diversity, transfer of knowledge and experience as well as cross boundary service quality among many other reasons. However, the most important of all factors is the cost saving reasons for the marketers branding their products. This essay will put into perspective the idea that retail internalization is much more than just merely opening stores abroad. In this case a sample of clothesline study is Asos and Gucci. Gucci is an Italian fashion company founded in 1972 by Guccio Gucci while Asos was launched in 2000.
Online and offline marketing
Marketing online is basically using the internet to reach customers while offline marketing is basically the traditional type of marketing whereby there is the use of print media or even the television to market products. Gucci is basically an online brand while Asos an offline and online brand. Despite not being in the market for long, Asos still makes a lot of sales and this could be attributed to the marketing strategies. According to Scott, a good number of people are working or spending their leisure time online but still there are many who do not actually use the internet. This is what bring about the offline marketing (2014). Besides, a significant portion of those who do not have the internet are either unwilling or unable to purchase goods online.
Comparison of online and offline marketing
Bhatia is of the opinion that online marketing comes with the advantages of lower labor costs, greater market opportunity which could be attributed to market size or lower competition, the ability to circumvent trade barriers and diversification of risk (2008). Online marketing basically serves to reach those markets that online marketing does not sell to. Which is also a significant portion or the market depending on the location.
Using online marketing strategy is much faster than offline strategy because it is easier and a much wider clientele base is accessible. This has been enabled by the use of social media (Arkehust G. 1996).
A marketer seeking to brand his product should use both offline and online strategies to sell her product so as to capture both markets. However, depending on the product sales, they can choose which product to market more in the market.
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