Review Demographic Information ( Education Only) About Maries County, Missouri – Coursework Example

Education Demographic Information about Maries County, Missouri Maries County Missouri has a high number of individuals of age 25 years and above graduating from high school or having completed the GED and equivalent credentials. The County shows 83% are high school graduates. However, this is a small percentage as compared to other high school graduates in other counties (Ryan, 2011). The county having the highest percentage of high school graduates in the locality is Cole County with 90% high school graduation on all enrolments.
Maries County Missouri’s health department has 18% percent of its populations with medical insurance that is within the mid scope of alternative counties in the region. The number includes people of ages 25 years and above who seek medical services. The county having highest percent of the population with medical insurance covers within the locality is Cole County having a 31% of the people with similar arrangements (Ryan, 2011).
The reckoned schools in the area include Vienna Elem., Vienna High, Belle Elem., Dixon Middle, and Belle High. The illustration on enrolment shows the 78% school enrollment for each grade within the schools that use NCES mutual data. The Area Schools’ Enrollment shows that Rolla Sr. High is ranked best with 967 enrolled students (Ryan, 2011). The subsequent values include Rolla Middle (with 878), Rolla Jr. High (with 591), Mark Twain Elem and Harry S. Truman Elem. The variations between best values and the subsequent best are larger than 10%.
In conclusion, it is clear that the population of Maries County Missouri has high accessibility to education facilities. The local authorities have instilled ideal environments for schooling as well as a strong focus on reducing illiteracy levels in Maries County Missouri.
Ryan, M. M. (2011). Handbook of U.S. Education Statistics: Employment, Earnings, Prices, Productivity, and Other Labor Data. New York: Bernan Press.