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Topic: WORK, LITERATURE Various ways influenced the field of literature. The dominant influences include realism, naturalism, modernism, and objectivism. Writers used realism in the nineteenth century to represent non-controversial characters, situations, and settings. Naturalism on the other hand concentrated more on issues beyond their control for example genetic, economic, and social factors. The genre of objectivism was mainly associated with poems where it was viewed as an object and its formal structures became imperative as the images it presented (Fitzgerald, and Nagai, pp. 8-10).This side of paradise novel was published in the nineteenth century 1920. The literature is influenced by naturalism genre of writing. Amory Blaine, a character in the novel represents the author where he inherits the genes of her mother. The genes contribute too much of the behavior of Amory but he had no control over it which is one of the characteristics of naturalism. The literature is also influenced by modernism way of wring as he tries to demonstrate how women are materialistic as Amory’s lover left him for a wealthier man (Fitzgerald, and Nagai, pp. 7-9).
Prior years to the publication of the above novel, literature were influenced by realism and fictional reasoning. ‘Truth and lies about the past’ literature have greatly influenced the literature of the above novel. This literature is influenced by realism; the author depends on the Jewish culture to write the article. Literature highly depended on the surrounding which was the reality on the ground, same as Amory on the above literature depends on the happenings of World War I. Much concentration is put on the Jewish culture and practices in this article and many writers took this direction (Spitzer, P. 129).

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