Selecting And Designing Measurement Scales – Coursework Example

Selecting and Designing Measurement Scales Considerations in Selecting Psychometric Scales Psychological tests and assessments are important in measuring and determining effects of various variables on a given psychological condition. To have a competent test or assessment, counselors and test administrators need to have proper scales for measuring performing relevant comparisons. Common categories of scales used in psychological measurements include nominal scales, ordinal, rational and interval scales. Different scales in the listed categories serve different purposes and address different reasons for measurement. Competent counselors and administrators of psychological tests, and assessments need to consider validity and reliability of the given scales or tools of measurements. Other considerations that need consideration when designing and choosing scales for psychological measurements include norms, and culture as well as inferences (Cohen, Sturman & Swerdlik, 2013).
According to Cohen, Sturman and Swerdlik (2013), norms refer to the collection of test scores of a given group of test takers designed and used as reference for performing comparison and evaluation or interpretation of scores garnered by individual test takers. Norms are important considerations as they provide reliable basis of evaluation and interpretation depending on the records and intentions of tests.
Culture is another important factor to consider when selecting an appropriate scale to use in conducting psychological tests and assessments. Cohen, Sturman and Swerdlik (2013) warn that it is incumbent upon responsible test users to ensure proper adherence to cultural issues of a given group of test samples. Scales to use, evaluation and interpretation tools to use should not contradict or undermine cultural values of the given samples on which to perform tests and assessments.
Importance of Psychometrics in Selecting Measurement Scales
Psychometrics that concern with measurement of psychological variables such as skills, educational capabilities, intelligence among others have great importance in developing scale and assessments. The variables to measure usually have clues and things to expect that are usually products of theories. Psychometricians use the theories and expectations to design scales and assessment tools used in evaluation and interpretation of test and assessment results.
Research questions: The Impact of Group Support on Stress in the Workplace
1. How can group support in workplace help in overcoming stresses faced in the workplace?
This question is important as it seeks to unveil ways that group support in workplaces can assist distressed individuals to overcome workplace related problems.
2. What instruments or ways can help in detecting and reducing negative impacts of workplace stress?
The question is appropriate as it seeks to disclose strategies for detecting, identifying and tackling distresses faced in workplace.
Cohen, R., Swerdlik, M. and Sturman, E. (2013). Psychological Testing and Assessment: An introduction to Tests and Measurement. 8th Ed. Avenue of Americas, NY: McGraw-Hill Publishers.