Self-Reflection – Coursework Example

Self reflection on the Barrett’s PKPCT tool March 25, Being a leader at the bedside, my current leadership style democratic participatory leadership. As a leader, I believe that I must be involved and participate in different activities that can help improve the performance of the department. In terms of the Barrett’s Power as Knowing Participation in Change Theory (PKPCT) tool, I believe that I belong to the involvement in creating change dimension. According to this dimension, a nurse involves himself or herself in a change process fully knowing the situation obtaining on the ground with the aim of transforming performance in order to achieve positive results from the initiative (Barrett, 2010). It is my strong conviction that change can be possible through involvement and participating in the whole process. I am of the view that I can successfully lead change to improve quality through involving myself in the initiative. Basically, change is a process not an event. Therefore, in order for change to be a success, the leader must be involved in the process. I also believe that through involvement, I can positively influence my followers to view the need for change from my own perspective. By virtue of being part of the change process, it becomes easy to persuade other people to share your vision for change. Once the followers realise the need for change, it becomes easy to align their behaviour towards the attainment of the desired goals and objectives. This will ultimately improve quality in the department. There are likely chances of creating mutual understanding among all the members if they are actively involved in the change initiative. The leader should play an active role in implementing this change.

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