Skills Practice – Coursework Example

(Skills Practice) Discussion The key concepts that is essential for managers to study and understand the behavior of others, this helps to manage other areas in the organization such as marketing, finance and other departments. Learning human behavior for better understanding of oneself and improving relation with other people by understanding group dynamics to enhance good governance and make better decisions.
Planning and team building are essential to the success of any organization this is because with good strategic plans the managers are able to execute and achieve organizational goals. This is more relevant as it helps the teams to manage time more efficiently as per the plan available. Groups or teams enhance better solutions to organizational problems as more ideas as a result of more members increase the chances of getting more perfect solution then if the same problem was to be solved by an individual.
Time is one of the most limited factors in every project and as a result of this not all the activities could be completed within that given time. The large number of group members raises the issue of having more disagreements within the group on various issues and ideas. This led to waste on time and in some cases total lack of a conclusion of the same.
Good analytical skills, leadership, creativity and good interpersonal communication are some essential skill for the success of such a project.
If the project had to be repeated I think it could be better be done in a different way, perhaps the team should be divided an each part of the group to work on a different topic. This would save time as much of the content could be covered over a short period of time.
As a manager one has to exercise good leadership to favor successful team work among the employees in an organization this include understanding the behavior of each of them and design ways that you can make then work at their optimum at all times.
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