Social Science Research – Coursework Example

Understanding Social Problems Affiliation: Understanding Social Problems Social problems refer to societal induced conditions that harm any segment of the population. The problems also relate to acts and conditions that violate societal norms and values. Understanding the history of social problem is critical in identifying the root cause of the problems that aid in finding lasting solutions. For example, it is critical to study a poverty ridden community’s ways of life in order to identify problems that cause poverty such as high illiteracy levels and unemployment (Eitzen, Stanley & Maxine, 2003). The policies involved in solving social problems aim at formulating strategies aimed at solving the problems, increase social equity, eliminate exploitation of the poor by the rich and empower weak members of the communities. Research in social problems aims at establishing causes of the problems and recommends solutions to make the society a better place.
Causes of poverty is an issue that I would study because poverty is rampant in many community and it leads to human suffering. In carrying out the study, I would concentrate on studying the community history to find out the primary causes of poverty such as illiteracy, unemployment and poor economic development such as infrastructure. Use of interviews to conduct will questions yield better quality of data because it gives respondents a personal feel in answering the questions (Eitzen, Stanley & Maxine, 2009). The interviewer will gauge the non-verbal cues from face to face interviews that tell the human sufferings caused by poverty. Questionnaires can also be used to reach more respondents and complement face to face interviews. The data collected is instrumental in fining the root causes of poverty, effects of poverty and find solutions to the social problem. For example, increasing access to education and national development boosts the economy and increases rates of employment.
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