Socialization – Coursework Example

Socialization Socialization is the process of transforming the values and ideals of an individual to fit those of the society they live in. People are taught new social behaviors and beliefs they are supposed to follow to the letter and without questioning. Socialization is normally carried out according to the gender of an individual and will include the gender roles. Socialization Im short is a learnt behavior that is static and can therefore be changed with changes in society. It is therefore true to say that people who have been socialized to behave in a way that is no longer acceptable by the majority can change their behaviors and get socialized afresh incorporating the new changes in society. This is what is being explained by Berns (2009).
I agree with the author on the issue of socialization being on the move with changes happening and people being socialized differently than was the case in the past. Young girls now have women role models who are accomplished in every sector be it in business, politics or even in the field of education. They are being socialized to be independent as well as all-rounded without having to rely fully on the men. Men on the other hand are being taught that home making or nursing roles are for either gender hence the influx of male as chefs, flight attendants as well as nurses jobs previously associated with females.
There is need for more research to be carried out on further socialization changes and techniques taking place currently in society. The changes evident in socialization trends are similar to those in other sociological issues and topics as well such as that of population and migration. Recent data is necessary in order to update statistics and report accurate information if trend and exact changes are to be reported.
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