Strategy And Culture – Coursework Example

STRATEGY AND BUSINESS al Affiliation) Importance of Culture for Strategy Formulation and Implementation Research has indicated that culture is critical for organizational strategy formulation and implementation. The first importance or culture emanates from the fact that organizational cultures are unique to their organizations and facilitates issues ascribed to strategic management. This is due to the fact that research has shown the pertinence of aligning strategic operations of an organization’s strategic operation with it its culture.
Another aspect of culture that makes it important for strategy formulation and implementation is the fact that it is composed of an organization’s missions, values as well as goals. These aspects of culture usually facilitate the determination of the operational strategies facilitated by the manner through, which strategies formulation and implementation.
This research shall focus on various aspects of organizational culture for instance; modes of operation, values as well as objectives. Moreover, the essay should highlight cultural diversity as one of the ways aspects of organizational culture that influences strategy formulation and implementation. Moreover, the essay should focus in a description of how culture influences formulation as well as implementation of strategy. The references that shall be used to facilitate this report are indicated below in the bibliography section.
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