Summary Of IOM Report – Coursework Example

IOM report-To Err is Human IOM released a report on November 1999 d, “To Err is Human: Building a safer health System” whose intention encompassed analyzing avoidable errors characterizing medical facilities (IOM, 1999). In addition, it also entailed unveiling cause of the errors as well as possible remedies to the same (IOM, 1999). I have an impending surgery procedure and the information on the report brings in more fear.
Having read that up to 98,000 people end up dying because of erratic medical incidences annually in hospitals, going for the surgery procedure worries me much especially the thought of uncertainties ahead (IOM, 1999). The report also says that at least 44, 000 people die annually meaning that it is a critical problem facing our health care systems (IOM, 1999).
I keep impounding on an array of questions such as, will I obtain a surgical injury? What will happen if they conduct a wrong site surgery on me? What are the possibilities of getting infections during recovery? Such questions are beyond my ability because the ability to avoid such mistakes lies at the hands of the surgeons as well as other practitioners who will attend to me.
Another aspect that makes me worry about my impending surgery is the consequences of medical errors on me. According to the report, patients who suffer medical errors may end up with a disability or an extended stay in the hospital (IOM, 1999). Such an ordeal will interfere with many aspects of my life ranging from social, physical, as well as psychological.
The fact that medical report mentions the operating rooms as one of the places where most errors occur makes the operation am about to go through seem high risk. I therefore plan to first visit the hospital to talk to the necessary physicians who will attend to me as well as a psychologist so that they can make things clear hence, help me get rid of the negative thoughts.
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