Summation/Looking Ahead – Coursework Example

Summation/Looking Ahead "Summation" The Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) is like pillars in the four corners of the world. You wonder how such a small a number of pillars can support the whole of the universe with such a multitude of humanity. However, that is what BBA is like; a small program but that has value and forms the backbone of success for all well-known world corporates. For me the BBA program has taught me a lot about managing businesses. I especially got so interested with the lesson on corporate and business strategies. I was amazed at how some companies became leaders in their industries by gaining competitive advantage through the formulation and implementation of better, unique and proper strategies than their rivals. Conversely, the program has not only taught me how to become a strategic leader but has also equipped me with the pre-requisite skills to help me going forward in the corporate world.
"Looking Ahead"
The corporate world needs exceptional talent; strategic thinking coupled with better negotiation skills. Therefore, I believe I have been able to develop and nurture my skills of strategic thinking and negotiations, which are imperative in the formulation of company strategies and cutting major business deals respectively (, 2012). Therefore, I think these lessons from by BBA program can enable me to stand out in the corporate world, hence, enable me sail through my entire career program and postgraduate program. Ultimately, ten years from now I think the BBA program will be focusing on strategically technology oriented programs because the business world is changing and digitization is overshadowing the old techniques. Therefore, because of these dynamics I believe there is need looking ahead to examine these emerging trends to be able to develop proper and current BBA programs.

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