Summery Of Article – Coursework Example

Your full October 6, Summary- Slice of Life In his article “Slice of Life” (qtd. in Scarry and Scarry 642), Russel Baker talks about how to carve a turkey on a holiday. Using humor, he has described the whole process of carving a turkey, which can be very exhausting if done by an amateur. I think that the author’s intention behind this article is to make the reader aware of the fact that every task needs a master in that to accomplish it. Carving a turkey is not the job of an ordinary man, and should be done by a professional. The writer’s attitude is humorous, and the reader cannot end the article without smiling at nearly every step. However, there is a theme behind that humor; rather, there is sarcasm behind every step that he has described- the sarcasm of disconnecting amateurship from professionalism. In my opinion, the essay has been written in a very lucid style. It is also very interesting because every ordinary man can relate to it, since everyone, at some point in life or another, tries to do things that do not match his capabilities. Sentences like “Should the turkey drop to the floor…” (Baker, qtd. in Scarry and Scarry 642, para.4), and “It could, however, be your thumb” (para.5), show that carving a turkey is a task hard enough for an amateur. Hence, the truth is that, life should be kept simpler by doing tasks that one knows how to accomplish, and difficult tasks must be left at the hands of the professionals.
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