Symbolism Addressing In Mark Twain's Literature – Coursework Example

R.Preeti 26/3/2009 SYMBOLISM The written word attributes a unique quality to literature---the ability to form picturesque s, that eventually lead to pictorial fragments in the imagination of the readers. Mark Twain is one such writer, whose works are albeit with symbolisms. Here are the description of few such aspects from some of his works:
1. CAVE: In Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the Cave is symbolic of the testing period that Tom has to pass through, to transform and metamorphosise into a matured individual. Very often, protagonists have to undergo such tests, to prove their mettle and their worth as protagonists. The Cave is a symbol for just this, in Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
2. OWN FUNERAL: This is symbolic of Tom’s inner ability to understand the psychology of his fellow mates. He eggs them on to make a grand entry at their own funerals. Besides this, it is also symbolic of how life is but a wheel, where happiness and grief take turns to come. The funeral is a very sad occasion, when the whoel congregation weeps for the children, but this is immediately over-shadowed by unexplainable happiness at their return and resurrection. It is also symbolic of religion---the resurrection of Jesus, especially because the setting is a church.
3. TWO-STOREYED HOUSE: In Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the house the boys escape to and hide in, is symbolic of Freedom. Here, Huck and Tom are on the run, to discover and unravel mysteries, and the house is symbolic of a mysterious sense of freedom, that Tom yearns for, to break free from school and chores.
4. BABY: In The Adventures of Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass, Twain puts the protagonist in situations that are never imaginable! The protagonist is left with a baby from a passer-by woman, who asks him to hold a basket, that contains the baby! The baby is symbolic of unwanted burden in life. It is symbolic of fatalistic life and how burdens uncalled for, do play an important role in determining one’s character. Here, the protagonist does showcase his negative side, by trying to dispose off the baby.
5. HADLEYBURG’S MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Reverend Burgess is symbolic of justice being meted out even in the midst of revenge, adversity and doubt. He stands for the very aspect of life that keeps one going---hope and justice
Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg
The Adventures of Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass