Technical Web Site Evaluation – Coursework Example

Computer helpdesk support website Help desk is a resource that offers s or new visitors with information and support related to the products or services provided by the institution (Its.uiowa, 4). It is known that helpdesk preferable has the mandate of assisting people and solving their problems. This paper intend to discus websites that can assist the help desk support agent most precisely in assisting people via the internet.
Computer review website is a fundamental help desk support agent tool precisely aimed at assisting in dissemination of proper solution. This is to mean that the support agent can use this website in exploring thousands of public and private organizations which offers the latest technology as far as computer technology bis concerned (Computereview 3). The site is also fundamentally important to the help desk agent since it allows online education, research on latest technology and digital media (Computereview 3). Moreover, it is important to state that helpdesk support agent also has access to daily 39 daily market developments and in learning about competitive companies market, executive, products and research (Computereview 3).
AppleCare is another very important help desk support which specializes in providing support to the agent. The fact still remain that apple care offers backup support. In my opinion, apple care is the best website since it provides the agent with connection to the senior access technical support (Apple 1). This is possible via telephone, fax allowing the agent to access immediate response (Apple 3). In addition to this, apple care covers more than one support incidents which automatically troubleshoot and diagnose apple based solutions (Apple 3). Following the discussion provided, is the best website for any help desk support agents ost precisely for computer related help (Apple 5).
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