Technology In Science – Coursework Example

Use of Technology in rooms In the present world, use of technology plays a critical role in improving both teaching and learning in the rooms. Thadani (2011), in an article, states, “The latest developments in technology can be seen and felt in many industries, but there are some areas that have been benefited more than others”. Some of the benefits of using technology in educational sector include quick and improved information transfer, improvement in the interactions between teachers and students, and increase in the concentration and enthusiasm of students.
The list of technological equipment, which I have used in the classrooms, includes internet, televisions, microphones, computers, and projectors.
A microphone makes a teacher project his or her voice in manner that all students can hear clearly to the teacher (Verial, 2011). I have also used microphones to transmit my voice clearly to all students present in the classroom. A microphone also helps in pronouncing the words clearly.
In the past, I have used web-based method of instructional delivery. For this purpose, I used to take the students to the computer labs in order to let them search course related information on the internet. The web-based instructional mechanism proved very effective as it promoted individualized learning environment in the classroom.
Use of projectors is a good method of providing information to the students. I have made use of projectors for instructional delivery. They make students learn through slides and animated presentations.
I have also used televisions to show course related documentaries to the students. Students used to show a lot of interest in watching documentaries on the televisions. Documentaries helped students gain research based information related to their course modules.
I have also used computers not only to enhance students’ level of concentration in the classrooms but also to enhance their computer skills. Students usually like to use computers. I used to take quizzes on the computers, which resulted in increasing students’ interest in the course.
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