The Cinematic Auteur – Coursework Example

April 15, The Cinematic _Auteur Introduction The auteur theory focuses on the director’s movie making personality (Caughie, 2013). The paper delves on the essence of Auteur Theory. The paper focuses on Mr. Alfred_Hitchcock’s auteur directorial brand. Hitchcock is one of the best directors of all time.
Auteur Directorial Concept
The auteur theory includes Mr. Alfred_Hitchcock’s unique directorial style. The Hitchcock films are filled with unique ingredients. One of the ingredients is suspense. The audiences are kept on the edge of their seats trying to guess how the ending will play out. The Alfred Hitchcock films include unexpected endings (Strauss, 2004). Hitchcock’s auteur includes cameras focusing on the victims’ faces. The actors realistically show fear (Smith, 2013).
Moreover, the Auteur directorial theory influences the movie audiences. The Hitchcock Psycho movie overshot the $ 50 million benchmark (Pollack, 2014). The film focuses on Marion’s murder in Norman’s hotel. Hitchcock’s film marketing campaigns includes Hitchcock pointing to his watch indicating it is time for the people to watch the Hitchcock films. The Birds movie creates fear among the movie audiences as a swarm of birds attack the people (Smith, 2013).
Further, my personal viewing of the above Hitchcock films affirm Hitchcock’s uniquely successful director auteur brand. The suspense leading to the murder of Marion kept me hoping that Marion will survive. The Birds movie kept me in suspense until the end as the panicked people try to escape from attacking birds.
According, the auteur theory centers on one director’s unique movie production personality. Alfred_Hitchcock’s directorial style is grounded on suspense plots. The Hitchcock movies contain unexpected endings. Evidently, Hitchcock’s auteur directorial brand catapults him as one of the world’s best movie directors.
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