The Falsity Of Evolution – Coursework Example

Evolution al Affiliation) Evolution According to scientists, evolution is a gradual process in which something changes into a different, usually more complex, and better form. There are a number of errors in that definition. First, the word “gradual” is scientifically ambiguous and has no meaning. Second, evolutionary changes are not required to be more complex. Third, the term "better form" is deceptive. Evolution does not happen in a linear fashion with a preferred, better end in mind. However, I support this argument.
Events like mutation and natural selection over many, many generation’s outcome in genetic transformations. The vital distinction between them is time. Mutation is one of the processes that take place on a human cell and is caused by radiation, viruses, mutagens, as well as errors from cell duplication. Imperfections in DNA encoding changes the technique in which the cells works. With time this alteration of function leads to change of a behavior and adaptation hence evolution (“The Collapsed Wave function: Arguments against Evolution: What does the science say?” n.d.).
Finally natural selection. If there exist two animals - One with a 4-feet long neck and one with 5-feet long neck. Both of these animals must eat from a 6-feet tall tree. The animal with 5-feet long will have a better chance of surviving. It is just as noticeable, then, that if the animal in existence has children it will leave behind the genes for height. Its progeny may even have a longer neck making it even easier to survive and pass on even taller genes, this adds to the evolution.

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