The Five Stages Of Change – Coursework Example

FIVE STAGES OF CHANGE There are many misconceptions about how one can help an addict. Most people believe that one from change from being an addict is a matter of the individual’s power and will. Any addict who truly wants to completely end on the dependency of what makes them an addict is to easily turn away from it. However addiction like that of drugs is more complex than any other altering behavior. The most important thing that the individuals must first understand is that any addiction whatever the case it is chronic disease that is in the brain hence making the battle to fight addiction hard. The addict needs to accept their condition for a quick recovery.
The addict’s family or any of their close colleagues should show them love so as not to make them fill alone the people involved in taking care of the individual should be carefully selected participants to avoid more danger to the addict. The participants involved should offer at least one treatment plan for the addict. They should also be kin on how far the addict has been hurt. If in any case the addict fails to cooperate they should find an appropriate rehabilitation program. In johns case so as he can accepts his condition. This will avoid him from getting back to the past behavior; the appropriate thing that he needs to be done is take to a rehabilitation centre. However the people cross to him need to show him a lot of love and care so that he can accept a change.
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