The Hoard Of Sanxingdui – Coursework Example

The Hoard of Sanxingdui The topic on hoard of Sanxingdui is an exploration of the history of ancient China. The issuespans a study of the Sanxingdui archeological site, which exists on the banks of river Yazi located in the city of Guanghan. The region has a history of excavation of Sanxingdui relics, which presents a convenient way of getting information on the culture of the people of ancient China. In particular, the Sanxingdui culture forms a relevant part of the Chinese historic arts. Recent findings of the region revealed sacrificial pits, which led to widespread concerns from archeologists. The topic, for this reason, gives a detailed study of the region and richness of Chinese culture. The theme reviews 120 mysterious masks made of bronze from Sanxingdui and their relevance to the history of China (MessagetoEagle. Com 1)
I will consult the museum to so that I can obtain more information on the topic. The best source to consult for this case is the Archaeological Institute of America. The Institute personnel will give me directions on where to get the best information concerning the hoard of Sanxingdui. One museum found in South California, the Bowers Museum. I will also visit the Chinese Embassy for consultation. For the sources information, I will use the Journal of Asian Studies from Cambridge Journals as the first source. The second source of information is an article called Unearthing Technology’s Influence on Chinese Dynasties through Metallurgical Investigations, which is available from The last article is Early Chinese Dynasties available from
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