The Problem Of Evil – Coursework Example

Insert The Problem of Evil The problem of evil is part of the philosophy of religion relating to the issue of whether evil and deity do exist simultaneously. Deity is regarded as almighty, all-seeing, and perfectly kind. As such, the being of evil and problems that come with it in the current world appears to defy arguments in support of a flawless, flawless Deity. If Deity were omniscient, then He would be aware of all of the awful things that take place in the world. An all-powerful God would control or eliminate all of the awful occurrences, which create suffering of His people.
In addition, it can also be argued that if God had unrivalled moral authority, then the most obvious thing God would do is to end evil occurrences in the world. In reality, however, the world is awash with unending cases of evil and pain, particularly among the seemingly innocent people. These realities about evil and pain seem to contradict the conventional theist theory that a perfect God is in existence in the midst of sufferers.
The personal problem of suffering raises the issue of whether it is part of God creation, considering that God is believed to have been the Sole Creator of good things on earth. Then what good underlies the personal problem of suffering? From the Christian point of view, the question raises the possibility that God’s power is beyond human imagination; that He is a God of mystery with the power to create and destroy. With such powers, it is plausible to argue that God stands for justice. As such, He allows evil and suffering to be visited on some people at different times as a lesson for them to change or as punishment for their transgressions.