Unionization – Coursework Example

work, Law of the University
Topic: Unionization
Unity! Sometimes what sins are committed in the name of unity! Trade unionization and unity of the workers are alternative beats of the same heart. I do not agree that police unionization has an extremely negative impact on job performance. That it has made extremely difficult for departments to rid themselves of bad cops may be a realistic statement. But that should not be clubbed together with the right of the police personnel to organize. Donning of a police uniform does not make one a lesser human being. He wants his career to run smoothly; he has family to look after; he has children to educate. Challenge to authority is not bad, if it is exercised on right lines. In the absence of any other suitable mechanism to take care of the interests of police personnel, collective bargaining becomes inevitable. Much difference exists between the police force of the olden times and the police personnel of today. It is educated and police are aware of their duties, rights and responsibilities. Bad elements are there in every segment of the society and in public sector undertakings. Police personnel too face race and gender discrimination. As such they think about the necessity to remain under the common protective umbrella of union. As for their duty, it is one of the most difficult one to perform under the given social conditions, which are deteriorating day by day. They are duty-bound to challenge the worst kind of drug mafia and political interference in their day to day functioning.
The government gives sophisticated weapons in the hands of the police personnel, and not flower vases, to tackle violent crimes, keeping in mind the provisions of criminal law which are often amended. The departmental heads must own conviction to nip in the bud the bad elements. It is possible to get rid of them within the existing framework of laws. If filth is there in a particular portion of land, one does not bombard the entire area, but takes steps to remove the filth. “In general employees consider that collective bargaining protects them against arbitrariness in personnel and managerial decisions” (Cayer, 1986 p. 155) and police personnel are employees in the law enforcement department. In every department there are some ‘bad apples’. The top management needs to have the will to weed out such elements, and unionization cannot be blamed for such a situation. The democratic society has no other option.
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