Unit 1 Discussion – Coursework Example

History of World Wide Web: World Wide Web also known as the internet in the common terminology is the most ubiquitous word in the modern times. It has held the entire world intact and has made the communications and other interactions possible. The journey of worldwide web is not centuries old, rather it started off in the 1970s when internet was initially used for the defense purposes (Geisst, 2009,p 99). The initial commercial usage of internet came about towards 1980s decade and by the next decade it had become a common trend.
Towards the 1990s the internet was run across analogue medium where the data rates and communications were held in a relatively simple way. Towards the 21st century, the internet became further equipped and revamped and became digital. The digital and broadband outlook of internet gave it the shape of Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is characterized by a new set of clients and new set of applications. These include concepts like wiki, blogs, social media, chatting clients and many other similar concepts that have equipped the users and allowed them more freedom. Technically, H.T.M.L, U.R.L, and H.T.T.P are few of the concepts associated with the field of internet.
The new outlook of digital domain has also added the feature of ever robust operating systems. These operating systems have come in the form of open source operating systems.
The future of internet holds much more promise and there are new trends and further more advanced concepts bound to take place in times ahead.
Why I liked the website:
The website (Chapman, 2010) so used was interesting on multiple grounds. It had a sequential pattern to it. It was filled with the necessary information and the overall design of the website was attractive and easy to comprehend. Hence all these factors make the website worth liking. What I learnt from the website was how to organize information, how to gather the information and how to create a website that may be fulfill the needs of the online users.
Chapman, C. (2010, Apr 21). The History of Computers in a Nutshell. Retrieved from Sixrevisions: http://sixrevisions.com/resources/the-history-of-computers-in-a-nutshell/
Geisst, C. R. (2009). Encyclopedia of American Business History. Infobase Publishing