Unit 1 Research Project – Coursework Example

Project Research al Affiliation Windows Deployment Services It is important to that there are several types of server technologies from Microsoft. One of these includes the Windows Deployment Services (WDS). This technology is critical in installation of Windows operating systems. This technology succeeds the Remote Installation Systems. It is important to note that the Windows Deployment Services is very effective in remote deployment of Windows 8 as well as, Windows 7 (Davies, 2008). In addition, the technology is important in remote deployment of Windows Vista as well as Windows Server 2008. In its operations, the Widows Deployment Systems links with the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) in order to load Windows PE to aid in the maintenance as well as installation of the windows operating systems. Windows Deployment Systems serves two key roles in connection with the PXE. It acts as a storage repository as well as repository for the operating images that may be installed in any target computer (Davies, 2008). It is important to note that WDS allows for creation as well as transmission of images by employing several multicast functionality.
Network Access Protection
Network Access Protection (NAP) is one of the Microsoft tools that function to control network access of any computer host. This takes place based on the system health of the same computer host relevant to the information from the NAP clients (Mueller, 2013). Network Access Protection was initially launched in the Windows Sever 2008. It is important to note that the NAP is useful in the verification of, as well as compliance of the health of home computers that are unmanaged (Mueller, 2013). In addition, the NAP is essential in the assurance of the health of both laptops as well as desktop computers. In order to run Windows Server 2008, the NAP requires the integration of NAP infrastructure servers. These may include the NAP clients, which are specific for Windows Vista, as well as NAP enforcement points.
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