Unit 2 Discussiion – Coursework Example

Computer Sciences & Information Technology Unit 2 Discussion How a website gets designed and developed may affect the traffic to the website. Therefore, during the process of development a website a developer should consider various factors to make the website usable and functional. Factors that a developer should consider include; an attractive design, functionality, good color scheme, usability, navigability, good imaging, loading time, compatibility with many browsers, good site map and security of the website.
Pushhere.com is a website developed using HTML, CSS and some bit of JavaScript (Pushhere, 2014). The website belongs to a media strategy and digital branding agency based in Florida in the U.S.A. There are several features in regard to the website’s design, usability and navigation that attracted me to the website.
The first thing that attracted me to the website is that it has a collapsible sticky navigation menu bar on the left side of the page which allows for easy access to links on the website. The website also loads quickly and I was able to load it on two different browsers with minimal difference in loading time. For the home page the website has a background that has a video that keeps looping. The video in the website makes it attractive at first visit (Pushhere, 2014). The website has a black and white themed stock photography which makes it appear simple but stylish. To display the projects that the agency gets involved in, the website uses a fancy slide show also used when scrolling through these projects. The website also uses a simple typography and hence all text on the website is easily readable. Lastly, the website has social media interaction widgets used for interacting with interested clients. After navigating the Pushhere.com website I have learnt that the navigation menu on a website gets designed using CSS to appear as per a developer’s preference.
Pushhere. (2014). Pushhere.com. Retrieved from http://www.pushhere.com/people