Unit 2 Discussion: Effective Leaders And Managers – Coursework Example

Running Head: Effective Leaders and Managers in Modern Business. When hiring for a business the world of today, leadership qualities are particularly important. The Ideal candidate must have the ability to develop and focus on a vision for the future of the business. He/ she must be able to inspire employees, and motivating them to embrace a culture that supports long-term business objectives. In achieving this goal the person must have the capacity to influence how staff think and feel as well as their actions so that they align with business’s vision of the future. The person should therefore be in a position to attract followership among the people he/she leads and cultivate a culture of share goals for the success of the business.
As a leader I believe in a very strong very strong self-insight, understand my leadership capabilities and behaviors and would effectively align them with the long-term organizational goals. People are important resources and therefore through demonstration of compassion, humility and understanding will be able to positively influence their goals and perceptions. Through effective communication, negotiation, and active engagement I will be able achieve success. By inspiring and empowering I will be able to instill confidence among staff, create a good work environment and a culture of shared values hence lead successfully. As a business leader I will constantly determine training needs in the organization and implement programs that support a learning culture. Also as a very proactive leader when faced with challenges I believe I will solidly inspire the future strategy and ultimate success in business.
In conclusion therefore the times continue to change even management paradigms in business are fast evolving. Modern business leaders have to combine the strengths of diversity, technology and innate capabilities to inspire, motivate and attain followership among employees in meeting business objectives. It is through focusing on the long-term business vision, cultivating a culture of shared values and implementing strategies that align with business goals that leaders of today will achieve success.
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