Unit 3 Discussion – Coursework Example

Unit 3 Discussion Employment Opportunity PrintCul is a company established ten years ago that deals in Printing of T-shirts, Caps, Books, Posters, Branding of products, and Advertising. We are a company with a dedicated team. Our core objective is quality products for maximum customer satisfaction. For us to maintain this, we currently have a vacancy in the position Accounts Clerk.
The candidate must be adaptable to our working conditions, neat, hardworking, broad-minded and ambitious. In addition, they must willing to work and conform tom the set standards of our company (Schermerhorn, 2010).
We will subject the candidates to various personality tests. The tests are Criteria Personality Inventory (CPI) that bases on the ‘Big Five’ model, Workplace Productivity Profile (WPP) that tests to show the productivity, reliability and conscientiousness of the employee. In Addition, we will also test Employee Personality Profile (EPP) that measures the twelve personality traits among others (Schermerhorn, 2010).
Depending on the fact that the job is in the accounting field, the skills to consider are; industry awareness. This skill helps them to anticipate future changes and financial trends globally. Also, they should be in possession of audit and compliance skills so that our company remains within the regulatory frameworks. Furthermore, they need to have good communication skills and ability to be stable. This skill improves our customer relations. Also, they need to have technical skills, and this is through them taking additional specialized courses like in tax, IT and IFRS (Schermerhorn, 2010).
For us to test for possession of the skills, we will ask the candidates specific questions to test for accounting knowledge skills. We will also allow them demonstrate for us the skills especially in technical areas like IT and do basic accounting calculations (Schermerhorn, 2010).
In today’s world, you do not have to trust anyone. Drug and background checks should be present. They help employers know more about the candidates and hence pick the right ones. Some people are so pretentious that you may end up employing someone who may run down your company (Schermerhorn, 2010).
Our company is willing to offer benefits to its employees. We will offer health insurance, vacation, tuition reimbursements and others as they incentives that motivate employees to work harder. They improve productivity (Schermerhorn, 2010).
The above have explained in depth the profile of the preferred candidate. There is also the job description and the preferred benefits in detail.
John R. Schermerhorn. (2010). Management. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons.