Unit 4 Discussion: Trend Analysis – Coursework Example

Trend Analysis There is a mobile payment trend that started some few months ago and was blown to the magnitude it has today by the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. For Apple devices, it is known as Apple pay. Other mobile device manufacturers as well as technological giants have introduced others such as Google’s Google Wallet. This is a trend that allows users to pay for their goods or services using their mobile devices. The service is bundled in the gadget and linked to real money accounts. Researchers in the financial industry project that this service will continue to spread rapidly all over the world as service providers increase competition ("Consumers shifting to mobile payments | Mobile Payments Today," n.d.)
The trend is technical and customer service is essential. Users need to be educated on how to handle the service and the benefits they stand to accrue. They need to know how to activate the service and get technical assistance when there are errors or their gadgets go missing. Security is significant elements of this trend and the customer service must incorporate security steps and guidance at any time.
Web based support as well as physical support centers different localities would be best suited to handle emerging issues related to this trend. Online support would save time and be convenient to many people in this digital era. Physical centers would suit those seeking direct contact with the service provider or their representatives.
In relation to the skills of an applicant, the best suited candidate would be a technologically knowledgeable person with good interpersonal and communication skills. This would enable conveyance of the exact and informed solution in the best way possible. Training would entail impart of latest device technologies every 6 weeks. I would monitor the support staff for quality services deliverance through giving customers feedback forms.
This particular trend will be widespread all over the globe in 10 years. Considering the convenience to customers that the technology brings, resistance to adoption would be very little. Additionally, the service is bundled with mobile gadgets which sell at very high rates.
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