Unit 5 PC – Coursework Example

Carnival Service RFP Analysis College; If the buyers and seller needs change the best strategy for change of management process would be the environmental-adaptive strategy. With new changes occurring it would be better to come with a new way of organization and gradually transferring all the buyers and sellers from the old one to the new which would cater for their needs. This would ensure that the burden of change from management and organization would be transferred to the people.
When the needs of the buyers and sellers change it would require some radical transformational change which is best suited by being adaptive to the needs of all the stakeholders. This strategy will perfectly work for long term frames and short term frames. To ensures that this type of management process works, it would require willing buyers and sellers. However with changes and new aspects people are easily adaptable to it.
The most appropriate way of handling any dispute or conflict that would arise would be through mediation, negotiation and arbitration which is also known as the alternative dispute resolution process. These three dispute resolution processes would be appropriate as they can result in a just, reasonable, and fair answer to all the parties aggrieved. The best process to utilize if any dispute arose in the Central Service RFP would be negotiation. This would involve back-and forth communication with all the relevant parties with an aim of trying to find a solution.
Negotiations can be done directly or by utilizing a third party who can be an attorney. With negotiations participations on any issues which directly affect the whole process can be dealt with. Many characteristics such as being voluntary, quick and cheap, private and confidential, unstructured and informal make it an attractive means resolving disputes.
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