Virginia Department Of Health Website – Coursework Example

VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH WEBSITE goes here] [Your goes here] [Due the paper] Information about Website The homepage of the website appears to be overloaded with a lot of stuff including information about different issues and services. At first look, a website visitor may not understand what sort of information is included in the homepage because links to almost every issue is provided on the homepage which I do not think is a suitable thing to do. Therefore, I would say that navigation is a bit of problem with this website. There should have been categories on the homepage to let the visitor understand and decide which category he/she should open. As far as information is concerned, I would say that the information in the website is very useful not only for patients and health professionals but for every person concerned about health. The fifty years of progress of the surgeon general’s report on smoking and health is one of many links that have stood out for me on the homepage.
I chose the category ‘Quick Facts’ because I was interested in knowing statistics related to births and ratios of those births in different races in any particular year. The report contained information on number of births in different races, names of boys and girls, number of twins and triplets, and much more useful information. The thing that surprised me was the age of the youngest father and mother which was just 13 years in 2012.
Data Tables
I chose the category ‘Cancer Deaths’ because I was interested in knowing how many people have died because of cancer in a particular time period. The report contained information on cancer death cases of White, African American, and other races living in Virginia. I was surprised to know that thousands of people die every year which is a very serious issue.
Marriage and Divorce
I chose the category ‘Recorded Marriages by City/County of Occurrence’ because I was interested in knowing whether trend towards marriages has increased in recent years or not. The report contained information on total recorded marriages by place of occurrence and race of bride by planning district and city or county. I was surprised to know that the trend towards marriages is decreasing considering what it was a decade ago.
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