Week 4 Discussion Post – Coursework Example

The First Rebuttal Argument I believe Stein refuted well references to support his view. He has managed to show thisinconceivable fact that the Bank of America clearly showed its disregard for its citizens and sought to cash in from this crisis of illegal aliens in Los Angeles. Issuing credit cards to these illegal aliens is not only breaching the law, but also treasonous as we clearly see that this corporation is clearly selling out its people to foreigners (West 24). It is utterly unreasonable and dangerous to see such a reputed corporation as the Bank of America having the audacity to make such a decision despite the new Harris Poll revelation that outsourcing and immigration are American’s two biggest threats to their security. Stein clearly has refuted well with reference to support his view because he has organized and presented his facts in a good order. He has managed to sound the alarm on the behavior of American corporations of having the very interest of its own citizens secondary to profit. This is tantamount to supporting a terrorist group since the national interest is being thwarted in broad daylight.
Stein has factually demonstrated that the White House is run by corporations, Wallstreet has now completely taken over Mainstreet, and that concepts of patriotism and loyalty are only marketing tools. These 12 to 15 million aliens are perceived by these profit addicted corporations as a source of maximizing profit which seem to be their goal regardless of the social and economical effects on the American citizens. USA is not a country any more but a large mass of giant corporations working together to siphon money until Americans are left out dry and in debt for generations to come.
The second rebuttal argument
Rodriguez, who we clearly see might have an alien ridden family background, is thorough and his arguments supported well. What he is doing is basically writing his own obituary which ironically is echoing Stein’s clearly legitimate concerns in a much clear and magnified manner. It is like Rodriguez is pissing on Americans without the curtsey of calling it rain. In fact, what Stein could do is use these facts to refute him. This outsourcing of American jobs has gone way out of hand as clearly demonstrated by Rodriguez. It has turned from a concern to a crisis. Let America belong to Americans.
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