What Are The Distinguishing Factors Between The Contemporary Views Of Health Promotion Versus The – Coursework Example

Health Promotion Health promotion, according to World Health Organization, is the process by which the health providers enable thesociety to increase the control over, and, improve its health (2014). Historically, before the year 1960, there were very few health centers and health providers. The societies in that era had embraced the supernatural conception of health problems and treatment. The medical doctors were of no great importance to these people. It was because the population had survived many epidemic diseases without the vaccinations. This generation saw no reason of seeing a doctor, unless they were very sick and needed and urgent treatment. The environment people lived in was the major contributing factor to health problems. For instance, water could transmit diseases such as cholera. Therefore, the public health officers would advocate for drinking safe water. However, it was noticed that though these people could recover by themselves without much medical attention, their productivity in places of work went down and this affected the economy. It was then that the government started to invest more in the expansion of health care and education centers to empower the community. Today, the society has embraced the modern health services and has abolished the supernatural conception. The evidence based practice has facilitated health promotion by finding out the hidden health issues amidst the communities. Disease prevention methods such as vaccination to children are widely practiced today. While the historical health promotion majored on the physical factors, the modern health promotion mainly concentrates on the social factors such the behavioral and lifestyle changes. Most diseases such as AIDS now arise from behavior and lifestyle patterns. These differences have been brought about the modern technology, research, legislation and government funding.
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