What Are The Roles Of RESEARCH IN NURSING – Coursework Example

The application of evidence based practice (EBP) in nursing has emerged as a result of the function of four components which are readily utilized in the development of methodologies, strategies and frameworks in a practice setting. As noted by Barker (2013), this aspect involves the integration and amalgamation of collected evidence, the appliance of clinical knowledge and proficiency, the characteristics and preferences of patients and an understanding of the circumstance of patient care to develop the foundations of evidence based practice or EBP.
The trends and practices which can be traced back to the application of evidence based practice in the field of nursing were created by Archie Cochrane, an epidemiologist of British origin (Barker, 2013). Furthermore, the basis of this framework can also be linked with the execution of experiments and trials which are conducted in a controlled environment to eliminate the possibility of the influence of external forces and factors (Barker, 2013). This gathered information is subsequently reviewed and assessed in a methodical manner as per the recommendations of scientific inquiry. An application of evidence based practice in a practice setting is that of the launch of a neonatal intensive care program which essentially meets the objectives of enhancing the life quality of infants while, eliminating the pressure and stress which is faced by parents during the experience of neonatal intensive care (Melnyk and Fineout-Overholt, 2011). The foundations of this study are based upon the examination of the outcomes of a study conducted on a vast sample size which demonstrated how parental assistance in neonatal care can be integrated to advance the process. This example demonstrates the potential of EBP application in a number of nursing settings.
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