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Positioning Strategy Positioning Strategy Positioning ment This language and computer ing service is the most professionally-oriented of its kind in the Asian continent. It is tailored for professional call center employees and other workers in fields that demand the best language and computer literacy skills, and is suitable for call centers anywhere in the world. Our services are developed in conjunction with the acclaimed professionals in the areas of language and computer, who understand the demands of call centers and want to raise the standards of call center operations. This service is also developed with an excellent understanding of the Asian call center industry, especially its current and future outlook (Keller, 2013). We are not focusing on the short-term; we intend to provide a service that will be valuable to call center owners and workers now and in the future. Finally, our courses are dynamic and flexible. Call center workers can register for main courses and then undertake refresher courses depending on their needs and developments in the call center industries in India and Philippines.
Justification for this Strategy
There have been – and there are still are – many similar services that claim to offer the best language and computer literacy course but do not meet the relevant international standards. In addition, there are other services that do not understand the Asian call center industry as well as we do; therefore, offering subpar services that may put the careers of call center workers at risk. This positioning strategy will separate us from the crowd and classify this service as a premium, professionally-relevant venture that delivers what it promises, unlike rivals (Keller, 2013). It will also portray this service as the go-to service for anybody interested in acquiring the best skills in languages and computer.
Keller, K. (2013). Strategic brand management (4th ed., Global Ed.). Pearson.