What Is Google Drawing How Does It Work How Could It Be Useful In The Classroom – Coursework Example

Google Drawing Google drawing Google drawing is a free drawing software that enables people to easily draw, share, and make edits in the created drawing online. Google drawing is a web-based drawing software that is a product of Google (Martin 55). Google drawing allows its users share created images such as organizational charts, flowcharts, maps, and wireframes in real time. Google drawing is not only a drawing application, but an online whiteboard. The purpose of creating this application was to help users visualize their ideas through stencils, diagrams, and flow charts. Google drawing application has a chat window, which enables users to chime in and import and move images around. Unfortunately, this app does not have an option for freehand drawing. Google drawing best works with HTML5 browsers such as Safari, IE9, Firefox, and Google Chrome.
How does it work?
This application enables several users to run drawings and edits them at the same time in real time manner. The application has a variety of features whereby users are able to insert their images of choice, such as text, shapes, and arrows. The application also has a variety of flow chart icons, which users are able to drag and drop into documents (56). Google drawing gives users an opportunity to visualize their ideas through stencils, diagrams, and flow charts online in real time.
How could it be useful in the classroom?
With the current new drawing features available in Google docs, Google drawing is now useful in the classroom because students are able to create diagrams for classroom activities and homework. In addition, Google drawing gives students a room to share and comment thus providing them with chances to get instant feedbacks from their teachers. The features are well-suited for collaborative brainstorming thus enabling students to work collaboratively and share and develop ideas (58).
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