What Role Did Religon Play – Coursework Example

What Role Did Religion Play Examining some common patterns and experiences surrounding religion during the colonialculture between 1600- 1776 helps understand the evolution of the currently observed balance between America’s personal freedom of belief, local community practice and national law. Christian religious groups had a great role in all the British colonies and many made attempts of enforcing strict religious observance via colony governments as well as local town rules.
First, many of them tried enforcing strict religious observance. Laws did mandate that every individual attends a house of worship then pays taxes meant to fund salary payments in ministries. Out of the 13 British colonies, eight had established or official churches and the people who attempted to proselytize or practice a non-Christian faith or a different form of Christianity would face persecution.
Second, though many of the colonists felt they were Christians, this never implied that they lived within a religious unity-filled culture. Instead, varied Christian groups had the belief that their own faith and practices offered individualized values which required protection from those that disagreed, facilitating a need for rules and regulations.
It is true that the social codes of conduct making a nation create a positive public identity about itself. However, the motivating factors behind the formation of these codes of conduct were varied. For instance mandating that people attend houses of worship so as to raise income to support ministries seems to have been motivated by the need to stabilize the government’s source of revenue. Also, the codes of conduct have varied effect on the nation with some known to motivate the rejection of civic obligations among citizens.
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