Why Is Employee Empowerment Such An Important Part Of Organizations Today – Coursework Example

Employee Empowerment Employee Empowerment All employees want to be empowered, but the laws in place are not adequate in providing this crucial right. Many countries, especially the developing ones, protect the cartels and disallow employees to form unions as they may agitate for rights, which could reduce the powers of the owners. The governments, in most cases, are in cohorts with the owners to avoid offering the employees any justice. The subject them to poor working conditions, dangerous working environments, and poor payments despite working more hours in a day. The laws do not help either. In countries such as Bangladesh and Vietnam, the working conditions are quite disturbing yet many ignore the plight of the workers in these factories. Employees deserve to be treated well and empowering them ensures they enjoy good working conditions.
Employees do not necessary require pay rises when they seek empowerment. Providing them with requisite skills, providing them information helpful to their careers and giving them responsibilities based on their skills and talents could boost confidence, morale, and productivity. These are simple achievable attributes easy to deliver (Betchoo, 2014). When owners deny employees good working conditions, they undermine their rights. Even if the managers are present, empowering them means they will be more motivated and that increases productivity..
Trade unions are important because they ensure equity. They fight for the rights of the employees. They provide an avenue for employees to lodge their complaints and get assistance. This is the only way employees can benefit from working in any company (Betchoo, 2014).
In conclusion, employees deserve the best. Instead of seeking to make quick money by destroying the lives of the employees, employees should improve working conditions and increase skills to ensure employees are comfortable with their responsibilities.
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