Wireframe – Coursework Example

Wireframe Introduction Wireframe is a two dimensional graphic of a page’s crossing point that particularly focus onspace allotment and prioritization of content, functionalities on hand, and anticipated behaviors. They do not consist of any style, shade or graphics. They are an essential design tool used in web improvement. They play a vital role, and are used as a tool for presenting proposed functions, composition and content of a web page (Convey 65).
In creating wireframes, it is imperative to stay in mind that they are a guide to where the chief steering and content essentials of a site are going to become visible on a page. To keep it uncomplicated, use of colors and images is discouraged. Only one generic font is used, though one can resize the font to point toward various headers and change in the pecking order of the text information on the page (Convey 65). Taking into account that wireframes are two dimensional, it is important to acknowledge that they do not do well in showing interactive features of the interface such as drop-downs, or auto-rotating carousels.
Wireframes change from site to site, but there are normal basics often included on them. They embrace logo, footer, share buttons, search field, breadcrumb, contact information, body content, headers and Navigation systems which includes both local and global navigation.
Types of wireframes
They vary in two main ways, one is their fabrication which may either be paper sketch or computer-drawn images, and second is in the amount of detail they communicate. Two levels are used to identify the level of wireframe assembly or functionality. First, is low-fidelity wireframes that ease team communication and high-fidelity wireframes that offer for better certification (Convey 65).
Examples of Wireframes
Wireframe for AndroGo Website
Source: Mockupbuilder.com
Wireframe of the Indian Passport Services Website
Source: Mockupbuilder.com
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