Wisdom Versus Judgment – Coursework Example

Nursing Informatics: Nursing wisdom Vs. Nursing Judgment McGonigle & Mastrian outlines that, nursing Informatics, via the use of computers, speeds and facilitates sharing of information in all practice areas of nursing. For this to be very effective, nurses must acquire the basic knowledge of nursing informatics. Understanding evolving and current informatics technology for the processing and management of nursing information provides support to the nursing profession in assuming a leadership position in the health sector reform. Informatics increases nursing wisdom for nursing efficiency (Gerdin et al., 1997). Through understand and appreciate, the power of technology nurses can play a primary and active role in improving and evaluating the cost containment, quality of care and other consumer benefits.
Practical wisdom is a professional and an intellectual artistry that recognizes, adapts and responds to the challenges and complexities of daily ordinary nursing practice. It is cultivated through experience and emerges from experimental knowing that integrates, transforms and contextualizes skills and knowledge from both practice and theory. This knowledge is transformed into a patient-specific and coherent understanding of a given clinical encounter in nursing practice (McGonigle & Mastrian 2015).
NI2006 Post Congress Conference & Murray (2007) argues that the practically wise nurse needs to gain the ability to make judgments and decisions on every action in nursing practice, that is, the nurse must have professional nursing judgment. In order to achieve professional nursing judgment, the nurse must acquire the ability to achieve a balance between competing, multiple and often conflicting organizational and patients’ needs and demands. These balancing and judgment acts are less of musing over complex cases and more of making judgments and decisions to optimize patient care amidst the multiplicity and complexity of the competing demands. These kinds of balancing and judgment require a practical nursing wisdom on one hand, and the practical nursing wisdom requires practical and theoretical nursing experience (McGonigle & Mastrian 2015).
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