Wk4_Forum INTL304 – Coursework Example

Wk4_Forum INTL304 Intelligence requirements reinforce the command’s knowledge and comprehension of a mission (Department of the Army 2004, 10). Intelligence requirements concentrate on specific COAs. On the other hand, indicators analyses the intention or capacity of a troop to adopt or deny a COA. As such, indicators predict the outcome of a mission as defined by intelligence requirements. Both the indicators and intelligence requirements influence the commander’s choice of a course of action where indicators present positive or negative evidence of threat activity (Global security.org n.d, 1). Apparently, intelligence requirements seek to reduce the inherent risks to a successful COA as defined by the indicators. If indicators suggest that the commander should change the COA, then a change in intelligence requirements is necessary since IR relates to decisions that influence the ultimate success of a mission. Indicators confirm or reject a mission aided by intelligence requirements.
Apparently, indicators are important to a collection plan since they predict the outcome of a commander’s mission (United States Government US Army 2011, 6). Indicators help in making decisions or adopting preventative measures that guarantee the success of a collection plan. They ensure timely participation and support intelligence requirements that help commanders to understand the course of action. Indicators establish whether the intelligence delivered is effective in designing a collection plan and implementing the activity to succeed in the mission. Apparently, indicators influence changes in a collection plan. Enhancing quality indicators is necessary. Quality indicators are achievable by ensuring timely collection of indicators. Quality indicators also emanate from developing standards for indicators and ensuring that they are active.
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