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Prohibition of Discrimination by Public Accommodations al Affiliation Prohibition of Discrimination by Public Accommodations This statute generally calls for inclusion and equal treatment of individuals regardless of their disability. Each individual must be provided with equal and full enjoyment of facilities, accommodations, goods, privileges, advantages, and services. The regulations include the responsibilities of landlord and tenants, and discrimination prohibition. The statute prohibits activities that deny participation and offering of unequal participation benefits.
The intent and original aim behind Prohibition of Discrimination by Public Accommodations statute was to protect and safeguard every person’s right and opportunity to remain free from any form of discrimination, including those based on religion, race, ancestry, disability, creed, age, national origin, weight, or physical qualities among others (LexisNexis Academic, 2015). The prohibited forms of discrimination include failure to hire or discharge an employee, limiting, classifying, or segregating employees, printing or publishing discriminatory advertisement, and discrimination with employment compensation, privileges, and terms and conditions among others.
The language of this statute is clear, simple, and straight to the point. When reading the statute, no contravention subject to the original intent and purpose. For instance, disability represents a mental or physical impairment in a human, thus substantially limiting them from one or more critical life activities of the person (LexisNexis Academic, 2015). Additionally, physical characteristic refers to the bodily situation of a person due to disease, accident, or birth.
The findings of the exploration coincided with the Civil Rights Era were not public accommodation places were allowed to discriminate persons with regards to their colour or race. Though the Civil Rights Era had a short-lived impact on the federal effort, the states managed to adopt prohibition against discrimination by public accommodation which is today reinforced by the Federal Government’s Civil Rights Act of 1964.
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