Wrting Prompt – Coursework Example

Hellenistic thought Hellenistic thoughts relates to a body of humanistic as well as ical ideas that are closely linked to the ancient Greece. This includes attributes such as reason, moderation, civic responsibility, bodily development and the pursuit of knowledge and arts. There has been significant development of the Hellenistic thought over the years building upon the earlier established ones. The Hellenistic philosophers focused on the development of ideas that were likely to facilitate the achievement of happy life by all mankind (Price, 34-57). They argued that happy life could be attained independently irrespective of the surrounding circumstances provided that an individual had devoted themselves to such a noble course.
The Hellenistic school of philosophy offers the means by which individuals can live happy lives despite the negative circumstances that are beyond their control. Some of the new developments in Hellenistic thought include the inclusion of Christian beliefs into the thought. Christianity advocates for a better life after death and this view has been adopted into the Hellenistic philosophy in a bid to explain the lack of a happy life in the present situation in the world. The diminishing trend in believes in the inner ability and strength in human beings which is being replaced by the belief in a supernatural being controlling the universe is another development in the Hellenistic thought.
The emergence of Christianity and Judaism eroded the original Hellenistic thoughts leading to an era of spiritual explanation to every aspect of humanity. The new ideas in literature and philosophy reflects significant changes in the society. As changes takes place, the society gets enlightened on moral values that it needs to adopt. Literature serves a mirror to the society hence it advocates for the rights of the less privileged and showcasing the changing trends in gender roles and practices.
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