Apple And Phinnaeus Or Julie And David: What's In A Name – Essay Example

8 November Maryanna Korwitts has made use of people’s growing interest in fashion and
glamour displayed by celebrities. In an attempt to be like them, people tend to name their children in accordance with the names of celebrities. In addition to that, there are some people who, like Maryanna Korwitts believe that name has an important role in shaping an individual’s personality. Korwitts has developed her business to address this concern among the people. Since people are becoming increasingly conscious about the relation between name and fame, Korwitts’s business is indeed, quite customer-driven. Specially, those who doubt validity of information provided on-line or in books find interest in Korwitts’s business.
2. Korwitts’s market is fundamentally based on the psychographic and demographic
variables. Her business of suggesting initial and middle names pertains mostly to young couples who are fame conscious and also hold a belief in the nameology due to religious or personal concerns. Hence, the target market of Korwitts’s business is relatively small as it pertains to a limited community of the overall population.
3. Owing to the huge number of books on nameology available in soft copies on the
internet and also in hard copies in the market, very few “educated” couples would proceed to seek expensive advice from Korwitts. Also, since Korwitts has received no formal education in the field and has primarily gained knowledge in her field through extensive informal study, entry of people with similar profession in the market who hold formal certification from renowned institutions in the very field threaten the market value of Korwitts’s business.