Article Review #1 – Essay Example

Article Review Based on the experience of the the article outlines the necessary steps for a Crime Scene Investigation. The following are the important aspects as outlined:
1. One should not step on any of the evidences on the scene. It is important that only one investigator approach the scene at a time to avoid tampering with evidence.
2. The body should not be repositioned in another form; one should examine the lens, fingers and arms from the original position.
3. Photographs should be taken either by the investigator himself or by a photographer. It is important that the process occurs in a clockwise manner with specific focus on the surroundings and vicinity and a photo log kept for further reference.
4. A medical examiner should be informed of the cause of death being investigated. The relationship between the investigator and medical examiner should be based on honesty and trust.
5. In order for the search to be thorough, a recheck should be done after the division of the area into grids. The investigator can have three other investigators do the recheck with them to ensure that no evidence is overlooked.
6. The fingerprint evidence that is picked up must be inclusive of latent prints, molder or plastic prints, Visible or Patent Prints, photographing prints and Prints from sources other than fingers.
7. Upon the removal of the body, the investigation should then proceed into the other parts of the house such as doors, windows, and lights. It is important that every part be investigated thoroughly, including appliances such as clocks and air conditioners (Ruslander, 1).
8. The next step regards ensuring they have personal information regarding the life led by the victim – information should range from public information to the intimate details.
9. It is extremely important that onlookers that have no function in the investigation to stay away from the scene to avoid destroying evidence.
This process is of great importance as it ensures that only accurate evidence is collected so as have accurate results (Pepper, 21).
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