Assess Technological Advances That People Should Expect In The Administration Of Justice In The – Essay Example

ID Lecturer Assess technological advances that people should expect in the administration of justice in the future. Name at least five and explain the advantages.
As far as administration of justice is concerned, technological advances always help immensely. Since delaying justice for even a little while is tantamount to denying the offended party its due, administering it in the most apt sense is a much needed proposition. One of the technological advances can be in the form of upgrades to existing systems that sequence the justice process. This is essentially a much needed step that harnesses the true core value of providing justice to the needy. The second advancement is in terms of allowing people the room to see where their pertinent cases are present within a particular time frame. In other words, this can be done through a snapshot of the status that the case is in at a given time (Author Unknown, 2003). The third advancement in terms of technology comes up when the communication domains between the justice enabling bodies and the people who would want it, are interconnected with one another. The fourth advancement in terms of technology can be gauged from the fact that mobile vans to give quick decisions on long standing cases is a much welcomed sign for the society at large. This will mean that the people will heave a sigh of relief whenever there are court holidays and inexpensive justice shall rule the roost. The fifth and last technological advancement belongs to the justice authorities who must enact measures to speed up the whole process which can be achieved through building proper databases, linking cases with one another and finding decisions with regards to similar cases, which essentially cuts back on the time factor.
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