Assignment 1 PSYT2321 – Essay Example

Crisis Intervention Crisis Intervention A crisis can be described as experiencing an event, or situation of unbearable difficulty that exceeds a person’s present resources and surviving mechanisms. Crisis intervention resources are emerging psychological care tools intended to assist individuals to reinstate balance to their bio-psychosocial function. This is in order to minimize the probability of psychological trauma. A crisis intervention is meant to bring stability to both social and psychological balance (Erford, 2010). This paper will look at one resource used in crisis intervention, defining its importance in crisis intervention. It will also describe how that resource is beneficial in one’s career.
Counselling is one of the resources an organization may employ in trying to curb the crisis situation. Counselling in this case may be to employ counselors who will help the identifying the problem and finding solutions to it. The counselor assesses the condition of the victim thus they are able to give their own understanding of what has happened. Once this is done, the counselor advices on which treatment is better for the patient. The counselor may also require the help of an interventionist or intervention specialist (Erford, 2010).The counselor or intervention specialist makes the patient relate to the present and even future events and trends. In organizations, the counselors are usually in the human resource department.
The introduction of the crisis intervention strategies and methods has had many benefits. It reduces the intensity to which an individual reacts to crises emotionally, physically and even mentally. It reduces the possibility of injury to the employee or the patient. It minimizes exposure to danger. It improves the staff ability to withhold from disasters or traumas. It increases problem solving abilities and reduces distress experienced the patients (Erford, 2010). In my field, this resource will help greatly as it will enable me to effectively understand the benefits that accrue from using and understanding this crisis intervention resource.
Erford, B. T. (2010). Crisis intervention and prevention. New Jersey: Pearson Education Inc.