Assignment 2 – Essay Example

Closed ended questionnaire for Business purpose Good aspects The responses are easily analyzed because they can be assigned a value or number for easy assessment through statistical interpretation. The managers conducting the study quickly get to analyze the results of the survey since the answers are numbered, and the respondent gets to pick only one out of the options given.
The questions in this survey are more accurate and specific. For instance, the question on how did the director serve you. The question is straightforward, and the answers to the question are given. This problem directly asks on the treatment by the manager. The survey takes less time for both the researcher and respondent. The defendant takes a little time to read and answer the questions.
The questions can result in suggesting responses that the interviewee may not usually come up with on their own. The questions do not give a chance for a person to think of their answers. It can be frustrating if the answer that the interviewee wishes to give is not an option that leads to inadequate and inaccurate results.
Another problem with this type of questionnaire it does not provide room for further interpretation or discussion of the question (Cooper et al. 2006). Like the first question on whether the interviewee’s project with the company is currently active or has it been completed gives only two choices. The person is answering it cannot provide the extra information on the project.
The respondents who have no previous knowledge on the subject may still answer the questions. For surveys, this result in false information and the entire survey results are ruined.
Work cited
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