Baed On Insighs And Experiences Developed During The Course, Examine How You As A Teacher Can – Essay Example

Supporting Adolescents Learning Supporting Adolescents Learning Adolescence is a life stage that every individual must undergo. It involves a series of psychological, emotional and physical changes among the concerned individuals. It is during adolescence stage that an individual struggles to understand vital life aspects of self-identity and appreciation. The stage acts as the turning point in an individual’s lifetime. An instructor must understand the basicity of this stage and the critical nature it exhibits itself (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2010, p. 249).
One of the best assistance an instructor could give adolescents is enlightening them about the best sides of ethics and moral responsibilities. It is during this stage that one requires utmost care, attention and guidance regarding how best to approach life (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2010, p. 249). It is imperative to give the students opportunities to express themselves through active participation in class and outdoor activities. The approach will serve to expel likelihood for suppressed self-esteem lest they maintain low profile into successive stages of development. At this stage, students also begin to experience sexual attractions towards opposite sexes owing to the maturity of their sexual organs and self-identity. Peer influence exhibited during this time is also at its peak, complicating the situation more.
An instructor should establish a link between the students and peer and educators counsellors who would provide them with life education about how to manage cognitive influence of growth. Moreover, he/she should create time with the students during when they could share their life experiences. An instructor will explicitly have to teach the students on life skills regarding critical reasoning and cognitive analysis of what is out rightly rightful or wrong. Such teachings would adequately equip the students to take up the prospective life hurdles towards their adulthood.
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