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Problem-Solving Activity Owning a home in the USA has become a necessity that everyone aims to achieve a one point oftheir life. Consequently, this has translated to myriads of business opportunities for real estate firms that seek to assist clients acquire homes with ease. With increased proliferation of technology in various sectors, there has been an influx in the use of technology in the real estate field with firms now capitalizing on online platforms to provide their services. The conventional real estate form of services that involved the establishment of multiple offices has become near obsolete due to the use of the internet in showcasing, costing and selling properties, not only across the nation but globally. In this paper, I am going to present the results of accessing several real estate firms’ websites and how they offer their services.
Websites that offer comprehensive information ranging from prices to even mortgage calculations are a very exclusive part o9f the US real estate industry. To begin with, such websites require registration in order to get updates on any new houses or real estate property that may be available in the market. Through this research, it became evident that such websites as Redfin actually do allow one to register for updates on homes but this service may incur an extra service fee. Some of these websites also support text messaging of updates but the charges are incurred by the client.
Intricate research also unearthed that these websites provide financing and also free mortgage calculators. In order to receive updates, it is a prerequisite that one registers and also the same in order to access their services. Evidently, the industry has greatly changed and new trends are setting in for real estate firms in the process of acquiring clients. These tactics are being employed in order to build a rapport with the clients and customers, as well as enhance loyalty.