Dead Reading Reflection #1 – Essay Example

Reflections on Constructions of Deafness This essay will reflect on Lane’s article, which demonstrates how the society has established certain archetypes regarding the deaf. Indeed, the society construction of the deaf culture fails to consider the distinct culture of deaf people. Actually, the article depicts how different definition of deafness has affected the societal construction of the deaf community. This is not only limited to deaf world but is common in most minority groups especially those with certain impairments. Moreover, the varying ideologies regarding the needs of the deaf children especially in relation to education are responsible for the complications surrounding the way the academic, linguistic, and cultural needs of the deaf have been defined and how they are being addressed (Lane 171-173).
As Lane argues, the social constructions regarding deaf people have played a major role in shaping the destinies of the deaf. Even in real life, our perspective regarding a given group of people greatly affects how we treat them. From lanes article, it is clear that social forces can play an important role in promoting linguistic minority construction in the deaf world. Just like the forces have transformed other areas of deaf world such as deaf leadership, legislation and bureaucratic decision-making (Lane 171-175).
Undeniably, it is erroneous to view the deaf people as a homogenous group. As Lain argues, “it should be clear that cultural Deafness involves a constellation of traits quite different from those of any disability group” (181). Therefore, their needs are different and should not be viewed as those linguistic minorities. Lane’s article is quite perceptive regarding the language of the deaf people, which is different from the language of other groups that is passed across generations. The deaf people have to learn individually and frequently encounter the problem of lacking interpreter irrespective of the great need for interpreters (Lane 179-182).
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